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H-FREE 300 – Equipped with the Direct Impulse Motor, H-FREE 300 delivers effective performance, picking up fine dust and larger debris particles. The Dual LED DustLocator detects hidden dust and dirt on all floors and surfaces for complete and deep home cleaning. HIGH QUALITY OF RE-EMITTED AIR – The Single Cyclone separation system and the additional level of filtration by the pre-motor filter separate and trap even the finest particles of dust inside the bin. DUAL LED DUSTLOCATOR TO FIND HIDDEN DUST – Thanks to Frontal LED lights on the floorhead and AUTO LED light on the handheld, the Dual LED DustLocator helps to find hidden dust on and above floors, like on bookshelves and behind cushions. LONG RUNTIME – The H-FREE 300 lithium battery provides a runtime of up to 40 minutes in Auto mode with non-motorised tools and 25 minutes in Standard mode with main motorised floorhead. EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE POWERED BY DIRECT IMPULSE MOTOR – The Direct Impulse Motor has been developed for consistent power output : the highly efficient motor spins at 80.000 RPM and delivers 65AW of suction power for effective dust and debris pick up on all kind of floors. QUICK PARK&GO* – Do you need to answer the phone while vacuuming? No problem! H-FREE 300 can temporarily stand in vertical position in order to let you manage quick tasks comfortably. *When the cleaner is in use and attended, you can temporarily park it in vertical position on hard floors. However, if the vacuum is left unattended, it must be stored on its wall mount. EASY BRUSH RELEASE SYSTEM – Pulling out the roller is quick and easy thanks to the convenient Brush Release System. This makes it easy to remove any tangled hairs, keeping your vacuum in top condition for longer. HIGHLY AGILE AND MANOEUVRABLE – Highly agile and manoeuvrable thanks to the H- Lab Flat&Drive nozzle, H-FREE 300 steers smoothly even around and under furniture. Switch between 90º and 180º cleaning angles with a flick of the wrist to clean around objects and into corners, easily reaching narrow spaces. IDEAL FOR PET OWNERS – If you have a cat or dog, you’ll really appreciate H- FREE 300’s Pet Hair Remover brush, which has rotating bristles to remove hair and fur from all textile surfaces. Moreover, the main motorised nozzle is equipped with the Intense Floor Roller to pick up fine and large particles of dust and debris, on any type of floors. Two 2in1 tools are also included to help you reach tight spaces and clean throughout your home and car. CHARGE ANYWHERE – Simply attach the plug lead to the H-FREE 300 to charge it. Alternatively, you can remove the battery pack and take it to any power socket for convenient charging. Equipped with an LED indicator, the battery pack shows when it’s time to recharge and when it’s ready to be used. TOUCH BUTTON TO CONTROL THE POWER REGULATION – Convenient touch button allows you to adjust power in one touch to suit different cleaning tasks. ACCESSORIES FOR HOME CLEANING – The H-FREE 300 has a main motorised floorhead with Intense Floor Roller to pick up fine and large particles of dust and debris on any type of hard floors and carpets. The 2in1 tools helps you to reach narrow spaces and to clean above floors.

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