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H-HANDY 700 PETS is the ultra versatile, powerful partner for your daily home tasks. Elegant and lightweight, it features the Hoover 120W brushless Direct Impulse Motor for great performance, with impressive pickup of dust and larger debris. Included are a 3in1 tool, plus the PETS kit that includes a self- adjusting, motorised nozzle for removing cat or dog hair, and a practical storage box. The front LED light automatically turns on to improve visibility and light up hidden areas. This way, no speck of dust gets missed. H-HANDY 700 weighs just 640 grams, for an effortless cleaning experience. The compact dock is an elegant solution that allows you to store H-HANDY neatly, along with its accessories, at the same time as charging. The PETS kit includes the Hoover Flex & Deep Pet Hair Remover nozzle, an innovative self-adjusting motorised accessory designed to remove pet hairs and allergens from all kinds of soft furnishing and carpeted floors. The electrostatic soft velvet agitator maximizes pick up performance by 50% if compared to a standard Hoover bristled agitator. It’s also easy to keep clean, as the roller can be released to remove long or tangled hairs. By giving consistent power output, the Direct Impulse motor provides outstanding suction and incredible pick up of fine dust and larger debris. Functioning with permanent magnets that reduce frictions and vibrations and increase speed, this 120W brushless motor offers great efficiency and a longer lifespan. Comprising a dusting brush for hard surfaces, a furniture nozzle for textiles, and a crevice tool for corners and narrow areas, the 3in1 accessory helps you to clean all over your home. Plus, it can be easily stored together with the H- HANDY 700 on the compact charger base. Ensuring a longer lifespan and quick 3-hour charging, the high-efficiency and easily replaceable lithium battery provides up to 12 minutes of non-stop runtime when fully charged. The H-HANDY 700 washable EPA filter is designed for optimal air filtration and long-lasting performance.

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