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This new cordless vacuum cleaner is an absolutely top-quality model which thoroughly vacuums and mops your floor. The RS70 is the latest cordless vacuum cleaner in the ROIDMI family and really is one-of-a-kind. This flagship premium model features top-notch vacuum cleaning capabilities for a range of floor coverings and boasts long-lasting battery time. The motorised floor mop head for hard floors rotates at 200 rpm, ensuring that dirt and most stains are removed on the first pass with ease. The RS70 isn’t just a cordless vacuum cleaner, it’s a 2+1 combination cleaning aid for all floor types and coverings, presented in a stylish and modern design that can be sleekly integrated into any home. This class-leading cleaner comes with a range of accessories for quick and easy cleaning around the entire home, and the 5-year warranty on the motor (2-year on cleaner and battery) mean users can feel completely confident using it every day.

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